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Find out more about how our personalized video reports can help you make more informed decisions about your health.

Get a clear, personal video explanation of your own radiology findings created for you by a radiologist for the ultimate peace of mind. 

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3D Models

Video Report Samples

Our MRI reading services include personal video reports for any type of MRI or CT study. Below is a full length video report as well as additional shortened sample video clips that we have created for previous happy customers.

Sample Video Reports Clips

6 Videos
Our Imaging Education Specialists are health care professionals who have training and experience in showing and explaining imaging findings to patients in clear, understandable language, using tools such as medical illustrations, animation, and 3D models. They will be your guide to understanding your imaging results.

Note: Actual video reports range from 5-15 minutes depending upon complexity.

Patient Focused Features

Our team is constantly adding features to help patients gain a deeper understanding of their scan results.
Clear Explanations

Let our specialists guide you toward insight using everyday language.

Visual Comparisons

Enhance your understanding as your imaging findings are compared to normal examples.

3D Models

See exactly where your imaging findings are located on your body.

Online Portal

Store your video report and radiology images securely online for instant access at any time.

Share It

Show and discuss your findings with family and friends.

Additional Materials

Deepen your knowledge with supportive educational materials and animations.

Watch our explainer video

Find out more about how our video reports work by watching our brief explainer video below.

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