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Introducing the future of MRI reading services

Confused by your radiology report? We show and explain what your scan results actually mean!

We understand that reading through a radiology report can be challenging, so we’re here to help. Let our highly-trained radiology doctors provide you with a custom-made video explanation that brings clarity and a deep understanding of your medical imaging results. Our goal is to help you make fully informed decisions about your health and wellbeing.

Get results fast - including an expedited option in under 24 hours

Why choose an MRI Interpretation online from Mediphany?

Choosing our online MRI reading services opens the door to many benefits. When you choose an online MRI or CT video report from Mediphany, you get:

Detailed Video Explanation

A comprehensive and easy-to-understand review and explanation of your MRI scan or other medical imaging results

Team of Specialists

A team of imaging specialists that have over 30 years of combined experience in the field. They are specially trained in providing fast and comprehensive radiology report explanations for a wide range of imaging modalities

Fast Results

There is no need to wait for a follow-up appointment to understand your results. Mediphany provides a clear, in-depth report in under 24 hours

A Convenient Experience

You don’t need to book an appointment or commute to the doctor’s office to review your results. You can review your report in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Top Radiology Solution Provider 2022 Award - Mediphany

Top Radiology Solution

Selected as a top 10 Radiology Solution Provider for 2022 by Healthcare Business Review

Online MRI Report Services Explained

Our core mission is to provide you with clarity and a deep understanding of your radiology results, so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Traditional written reports are hard to understand and don’t offer a clear picture of what’s going on – even sometimes to other physicians. Our imaging experts have been specially trained to provide personalized video reports that patients can understand. Each video report provides a complete, detailed explanation of your MRI results based on your scan and official radiology report. We use comparisons to normal scans, illustrations, and 3D models to give you the best understanding possible.

It’s like having a radiologist on-demand sitting at your side and showing you your results on the screen. Your video reports are saved forever in your own personal medical record and can be shared or viewed at any time from any online device.

Our goal is for you to have what we call a “Mediphany” (medical epiphany) – a moment of complete understanding when your results become crystal clear.

Video Report Samples

Mediphany can create personal video reports for any type of MRI or CT scan. Watch the full-length video report below, as well as sample clips from previous reports we’ve done for satisfied customers.

Sample Video Reports Clips

6 Videos

Our video reports will help you learn how to read an MRI and explain your imaging results by combining everyday language with the power of video to help you reach the next level of understanding. Video reports also include:

  • Comparisons to normal MRI imaging and CT imaging examples
  • 3D models to show where your imaging abnormalities are located
  • Supporting educational video materials and animations

Actual video reports typically range from 5-15 minutes, depending on complexity.

Why invest in an MRI interpretation online?

Our MRI reading services provide you with a clear explanation of what the scan shows, so you'll know what to expect in terms of treatment or other follow-up steps. This will help you feel more in control of your health care.

Hear directly from a radiologist - the expert in MRI readings.

Radiologists are doctors that have trained for years focused exclusively on interpreting medical images like MRIs and CTs.

By ordering your test, your doctor is consulting the radiologist for his or her opinion. When it comes to your body, why not hear directly from the experts and make sure that you get the clearest picture of your health?

Be able to see your findings for yourself.

Most doctors lack the time or training to show you your imaging findings in detail.

Instead of only hearing a summary of your results like in a typical doctor visit, Mediphany radiologists will personally point out your findings in detail so you can see them and then explain what they mean for your health.

Understand it!

Get a level of understanding beyond anything you have experienced before.

Our radiologists use special materials and tools to explain your findings so that you can understand at a deep level: everyday language, comparisons to normal examples, 3D models, illustrations and more. Better understanding translates to better health.

Get results faster!

Don’t have to wait for your result explanation any more.

Many patients have access to their radiology reports quickly, but still have to wait for their follow-up appointment to know what the results mean. With Mediphany, you can get results that you can understand in under 24 hours.

Maximize your time!

Maximize your time with your doctor to focus on treatment.

You have limited time in your follow-up appointment with your doctor. Come to your appointment armed with a deep understanding of your radiology results so you can spend that time focused on how to optimally get you back your best health.

Get your own report today!

Patients love them!

77% of patients that have bought a video report say that they would be “very disappointed” if they couldn’t get a video report in the future. Another 23% said that they would be “somewhat disappointed” and there were no patients that wouldn’t be disappointed.

83% of patients say that they would be “very likely” to buy a video report the next time that they had an imaging study.

Wow!!! Really amazing and valuable report. This is exactly what we were looking for and needed, I can’t wait to show my daughter.
testimonial image of beth billington
Knowledge is power. Mediphany has equipped me with an in-depth understanding of my injury. I can now be prepared to ask informed questions at my orthopedic visit!
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Doctors like video reports too.

Dr Larew Mediphany Testimonial Video

“…Very impressed with your presentation. Great explanation. Great visuals. I could not be more pleased. Just what I was hoping for!”

Eight out of ten doctors with patients that received a video report had a “very positive” experience with video reports saying:

 “Would recommend it. Good for patient satisfaction”

“Allows more time to discuss clinical decision making about results instead of reviewing pictures and explaining findings”

Why Mediphany?

Options for sending us your images and report

We have made it easy for you to share your scan (MRI and/or CT) and radiology report with us by offering the following options:

Upload the files yourself.

If your doctor or clinic has provided you with a CD, DVD or Flash drive with your results then you can upload them yourself.

Have your radiology center upload on your behalf.

If your radiology site is a Mediphany partner site then they will be able to upload your scan and report for you.

Share your online portal details.

If you have access to your scan and report via an online portal, then you can simply share your login details so that we can access your images and reports.

sending result to patient

Want to learn on your own?

We have provided the tools you need to learn how to evaluate your own CT/MRI scan:

  • Upload your own MRI or CT for FREE to view the images
  • Use our normal comparison CT or MRI scans to contrast with your own
  • Watch our explanation videos of normal anatomy
  • Read our self-help articles on common problems
Getting started is easy.

Register in seconds – no lengthy forms. If you are not totally satisfied with your personalized video report, we give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

MRI is highly effective in detecting abnormalities like tumors, brain abnormalities like multiple sclerosis, and injuries. It generally offers more precise and detailed images of soft tissues and internal structures than ultrasound and CT. 

However, its precision depends on factors like the MRI machine’s resolution and the scanned body area. Additionally, the accuracy of identifying these abnormalities depends on the expert interpretation of these images by radiologists.  

At Mediphany, we focus on educating patients about these interpretations, enhancing their understanding of MRI results.  

On average, an MRI scan can take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour.  

Factors such as the type of MRI procedure (e.g., with or without contrast), the patient’s ability to remain still, and the complexity of the area being scanned all contribute to the length of the scan.

Reading and interpreting an MRI result requires specialized knowledge and experience. Each MRI scan consists of detailed images that represent different aspects of the body’s internal structures.  

To effectively read an MRI, it’s essential to understand the various shades of gray that correspond to different tissues, such as bones, muscles, and organs.  

At Mediphany, our online MRI report analysis service simplifies this process. Our expert radiologists provide clear, comprehensive explanations of the patient’s MRI results, highlighting key findings and any areas of concern. With our guidance on how to read MRI scans, our clients can gain a better understanding of their medical images and what they mean for their health. 

Both MRI and CT scans are non-invasive imaging techniques, but they have distinct differences: 

  • MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images, which is particularly useful for soft tissue evaluation.  
  • CT scans use X-rays to produce images, better suited for examining bone injuries, lung and chest imaging, and detecting cancers.  

Choosing Mediphany’s MRI reading services means selecting a partner dedicated to helping you understand what your radiology images show.  

Our expert team of radiologists provides top-notch online MRI report analysis, ensuring that patients receive a detailed understanding of their MRI results. With Mediphany, all MRI readings are n the hands of professionals committed to excellence in medical imaging.  

Get Started Now. 

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Elevate your radiology evidence with the clarity of video.

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